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Open DST File

A DST file is used for Tajima embroidery machines. Any file that carries the DST extension is an image created by software that modifies common image files such as JPG, GIF or TIF for a readable format for embroidery machines.

The DST file contains instructions for the embroidery machine, either clipping, stopping the activity and jumping. The DST file also contains metadata tags.

To work with an image for embroidery, it must first be converted into a DST file. This type of file contains all the stitch color data and the thread that the machine needs to embroider the image. It also contains a range of organized data extracted from several files.

DST file structure

Each DST file contains, like any other type of file, a header and a body. Now let's see that the maximum header length is 512 bytes, however, the most used value is 125 bytes. Each command in the body of the file is 3 bytes long, while other embroidery formats use only 2 bytes of data.

Programs compatible with the DST file


  • Ambassador
  • ArtLink
  • Embird Embroidery Software
  • Embroidermodder
  • Illustrator Extreme
  • Janome Digitalizer Pro
  • OESD ARTsizer
  • Orchida Embroidery System
  • Tajima DG / ML by Pulse


  • Convert It, Mac.

After installing one of the applications from the list you just found here, you should be able, without problems, to open or edit a file with a DST extension. If you do not have the original software that was used to create your specific DST file, at least try using the programs mentioned above that can open files in the Tajima embroidery format.

There may be an Export or Save as Option that serves as a DST converter. Anyway, below we have a step by step to open DST files:

Step 1

Double click on the DST file. In order to open the file on your computer, you must have the software that can read it installed.

Step 2

Contact the person or company that sent you the DST file. Said file is normally created from a source file such as a JPG or GIF. Ask the person or company to send you the source file so you can see what the image looks like.

Step 3

Get in touch with a company specialized in embroidery. Surely they have software that can open a DST file. Ask them to convert the DST file into a JPG and send it to you.

Other DST files

There are other DST files, these are the saved status files of some Nintendo DS emulators. These files are what you create when you save the game state. Also a file with the DST extension could be an AutoCAD blueprint set file to contain multiple drawing designs.

You should keep in mind that you cannot mix these file formats, even if they have the same extension. They are different formats and as such should be treated.

Open DST File on Windows OS

  • Try double clicking on a DST file in Windows File Explorer.
  • If the DST reading software is associated correctly then the file will open
  • If the file did not open you should install Tajima Writer Plus
  • To open PDF file in Tajima Writer Plus you need to launch it and then select File->Open in the main menu
  • In the File Open dialog select DST file and click "Open"

Get more information about how to open DST file.

Also check how to:

If you are not able to open file with certain file extension make sure to check if extension for the file is correct. It is possible that information in the file doesn't match file extension.

File Extension Info

GPX Quick Info
  Data Stitch Tajima
Opens with
  Embird Embroidery Software